Marvel Comic News And Rumors: ‘New York Bulletin Secret Wars Newspaper’ Informs Fans About Battle World

By Donyae Coles , Updated Mar 31, 2015 03:02 PM EDT

Secret Wars is going to be a huge Marvel event with a ton of comics and storylines to keep track of during its entire massive arc. Marvel wants you to keep up with it, though, so they've created the New York Bulletin Secret Wars Newspaper, an actual gossip rag to help you keep up on the ins and outs of Secret Wars.

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This isn't a comic. This is an actual newspaper from Marvel about Secret Wars. You can learn all about the world in the comic timeline the same way you learn about the real world, through journalism, reports Marvel.

Serious question, is J. Jonah Jameson the Editor in Chief? Is the photography just handled by a legion of Peter Parkers? Inquiring minds want to know.

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The paper will follow all the news from all the realities contained inside of Battleworld.

Although this paper gives you gossipy news details about what the various heroes are doing in their own pocket realities, it also gives you a road map on what's coming during the event.

Secret Wars is the Marvel Universe shattering event that will reportedly shake up the Marvel time line and change the entire face of the Marvel Universe. It will take place in Battleworld where various versions of Marvel heroes from various timelines and realities will have to survive in order to make it out.

The event is a way for the company to set the groundwork for the new Marvel Universe.

The paper is coming to comic shops the week before Secret Wars starts in April.

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