Destiny Update 1.1.2 Changes: Punishment For Idle Players, Cerberus Strike Boss Health Reduction, And Raid Bug Improvements Coming

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 03, 2015 03:32 PM EDT

Destiny is a different game than the one it began as at launch, with a number of patches, updates, and a content expansion changing the game's structure over the past half year.

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Bungie is planning more updates that fix some long-standing and relatively new problems alike, changing the game again for the dedicated player base who has been suffering from the same issues for a while. The weekly update blog post outlines the changes coming in 1.1.2, including improvements to Raids, a particular Strike, and players idling.

First and foremost, Bungie will begin handing out temporary punishment to players who chronically idle during matchmaking activities. Some opportunistic players consistently enter matchmaking and then leave their characters idle while their Fireteam completes the mission. This leaves the rest of the party hamstrung while the player still gets the rewards if the activity is completed.

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Once these changes are put in place, those found guilty of repeating this behavior will receive a temporary ban from joining these activities. If behavior continues once the ban is lifted, a more harsh punishment will be handed out. Bungie has not specific how it will detect players, how long the ban will last, or what the harsher punishment will be--but the issue is finally being addressed.

Another longstanding irritant, the Cerberus Vae III Strike, is being tweaked. Bungie says this Strike has the longest average play time and lowest completion rate of all the Strikes, and anyone who has played knows how long and tedious the final fight can be. The boss, Valus Ta'Aurc, is having his health cut by a third (much needed), and Psion Flayers' shields will be reduced by 15 percent. Both of these changes should make the Strike quicker and more palatable.

Finally, the two Raid bosses are being updated to iron out some bugs. Bungie wasn't particularly specific on what changes it will be implementing, instead expressing how irritating they can be and how long it can take to root out the cause of a complex bug. But the team recognizes they are frustrating, and will be making improvements to Atheon and Crota. Stay tuned for more details on what the update will contain and when it will hit.

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