Game Of Thrones And Zelda Mashup Intro Video 'Game Of Hyrule' Is Incredibly Well Done

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 09, 2015 04:19 PM EDT

Fan mashups of any major franchises are always a lot of fun, especially when they're done very well. This Legend of Zelda video themed to the Game of Thrones intro is no exception.

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Created by the MegaSteakMan comedy sketch YouTube account, the video below recreates the opening from Game of Thrones, but with the map of Hyrule from Link to the Past. The now-famous animated intro to HBO's show is animated in a simple geometric style, and the Zelda version nails the feel perfectly.

The music is also pretty great, combining the iconic Zelda and Game of Thrones themes into one song. The whole thing is very faithful to the way Game of Thrones' intro operates, zooming in and then swinging through the locales as buildings are erected on the spot. The animation is quite good, and you'll doubly enjoy it if the Zelda title holds a special place for you.

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It doesn't last quite as long as the show's introduction, but you shouldn't really expect it to. There are quite a few places to swing by in Game of Thrones, and it does serve as a credits sequence. There is a full zoom at the end though that shows the whole map, and the project is just really well done as a whole. Mattia Cupelli is the composer of the song, Adamah VanArsdale provided additional 3D models, Edgar Abreu-Lanza created additional texturing, and YouTuber Johnny Millenium consulted.

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