'MLB 15 The Show' Review Roundup: The Best Baseball Game Available, But Too Similar To Last Year's Release?

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 12, 2015 11:15 PM EDT

MLB 15: The Show is the second title on the series to release on PlayStation 4, giving it room to grow on an established foundation. The main knock against the title seems to be that it's rather similar to last year's effort, with a number of small changes making it a better game, but not dramatically different.

Our Impressions Of MLB 15: The Show

It's still a very good game on its own, though, and that shouldn't come into play if you didn't purchase last year's version. Here are some review excerpts from around the web:

IGN, 8.5/10: "MLB 15: The Show is an excellent and complete package with lots of different ways to experience baseball in all its glory. But it's a very familiar complete package. Other than functional online play, there's nothing revolutionary about this year's version. It does get to legitimately say that it looks and plays better than any other baseball game you can buy right now, but only slightly."

Gamespot, 8/10: "MLB 15: The Show is starting to feel as familiar as that old pair of cleats you throw on every spring for another year of slo-pitch beer ball. That said, baseball is the most hidebound sport on the planet. If real life evolved as fast as the game that Abner Doubleday didn't invent, we'd all still be swinging from trees, not for the fences. This slow-and-steady approach to game design makes each iteration of the game comfortable, but it also makes for fantastic baseball sims that you can always count on, and that are always improving in subtle ways. In gaming, in baseball, and in life, that's rare and valuable, even if it does make for a predictable rite of spring."

Destructoid, 7/10: "The Show has leaned into its effective MLB monopoly like its going for the hit by pitch and some of it is worthwhile. I do enjoy the virtual tourism of visiting new stadiums, or even being back in downtown San Francisco mainstay AT&T Park without forking over the cash. I'd take a Candlestick memorial, too, winds and all. But MLB The Show has many little, longstanding problems hurting its tone, gameplay, and even its authenticity than the now fixed lack of pages and pages of adverts.

"...The discounted PS3 and Vita versions might be more dollar valuable as more transparent roster updates, provided you don't mind the technical limitations. MLB 15 The Show is still good by virtue of the systems laid down over the last decade, but it has no ambition. Produced on third base thinking it hit a triple, it wouldn't even bother running in a sac fly."

Game Informer, 8/10: "MLB 15: The Show is a game of little touches that you may not even notice. A good example of this is the sun's placement is now authentic for the time of day and year, making shadows creep realistically across the field and rays of light shine through the cracks in the bleachers. Most of the additions along these lines enhance the look of the game, but little else.

"As Sony continues updating the legacy features of this game - tweaks that undoubtedly make the game better and more user friendly - a long-time fan of the series like me can't help but look at the innovations occurring in other sport games and wonder why Sony hasn't taken more chances. It's still a hell of a game, but if you come back to it year in and year out, this season's offering doesn't have much of a spark."

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