Android Release News 2015: 'World Zombination' Invades The Google Play Store With New Exclusive Units [TRAILER]

By Steve Buja , Updated Apr 21, 2015 11:23 AM EDT

Fans of zombies, tower defense and Android phones are in luck: developer Proletariat's zombie defense title, World Zombination, is coming to Google Play this Thursday.

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The extremely deep strategy title, in which players can command both the human survivors in a world gone mad or the horde of zombies in fierce PvE or PvP combat, offers up nearly limitless unit combinations and strategy options for all the fans of the end of days.

"The Android release of World Zombination will also include units not currently available on iOS such as the Black Belt tank and hard-hitting Slugger for survivors. The infected's new units include the drone spawning Farmer and powerful Chef."

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Meanwhile, the Ios version of the game will be entering into version 3.4 later this spring/early summer and with it come two very long in development units: the Flamethrower unit for the human survivors, and Squidfingers.

"Unlike other recent units, Flamethrower and Squidfingers represent new archetypes in the game: there aren't any other units that function similarly to how they work.

Flamethrower will be a heavy damage dealer with some interesting firepower, while Squidfingers will be our first female mutated zombie...and her abilities need to be seen to be believed (there's a reason it took us so long to make her!). Both will have a series of very unique variations, which we will be announcing and showing on the Friday live streams over the next several weeks."

Download World Zombination on the App Store for free today. It hits Google Play this Thursday, April 23.

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