'Dota 2' Update 6.84 Patch Notes Include Gameplay Balances, Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrades & More

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Apr 28, 2015 01:20 PM EDT

Dota 2 is a constantly evolving title, as are most MOBAs, and Valve has issued a new patch for the game.

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The changes in version 6.84 are now live in the Dota 2 Test Client, and will be coming to the Main Client later this week. The patch makes various adjustments to gameplay as well as a swath of changes specific to different abilities and characters.

Valve also notes that The International is drawing near, and so the next Compendium will be launching later this week. The teams competing at The International will also be announced soon, so keep an eye out.

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Below are the highlights from update version 6.84, with the full (very long) list found here:

- AoE Bonus Gold component based on Team Net Worth difference reduced by 25%

- AoE Bonus XP component based on Team XP difference reduced by 40%

- Melee lane creep bounty reduced from 43 to 40 (-7%)

- Range lane creep bounty reduced from 48 to 45 (-6.25%)

- Hero kills (the non-net worth portions) are worth 10% more

- Reduced the direct hero last hit bounty by 100 and redistributed that gold into AoE gold (in ratio of 100/75/40/25/20 for 1/2/3/4/5 heroes)

- AoE Bonus Gold is now distributed based on the relative net worth amongst the heroes involved in killing the hero by +/- 25%

- The amount of AoE Bonus Gold given is now increased/decreased by up to 20% based on the dying hero's relative rank in net worth amongst all the enemies on that team.

- Instead of Buyback temporarily preventing unreliable gold gain, it now reduces all gold gained (including hero and aoe gold) by 60%

- Melee Barracks team bounty increased from 175 to 275

- Ranged Barracks team bounty increased from 100 to 225

- Tier 2 and 3 towers armor reduced from 25 to 22

- Extra melee creeps additions spawn time changed from 17:30/34:00/50:30 to 15:00/30:00/45:00

- Extra range/siege creep additions spawntime from 45:30 to 45:00

- Creeps now meet slightly closer to the Dire safelane

-Ancient Black Dragon bounty reduced from 199 to 170

- Ancient Black Drake bounty reduced from 50 to 40

- Ancient Rumblehide bounty reduced from 83 to 65

- Satyr Tormenter gold bounty reduced from 104 to 84

- Hellbear health reduced from 950 to 700

- Hellbear bounty reduced from 65 to 50

- Ogre Frostmage bounty reduced from 52 to 40

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