Crossy Road: Avengers Age Of Ultron? Fan Video Adds Superhero Characters For Hilarious Results

By Alex Riviello , Updated Apr 30, 2015 10:51 AM EDT

For months now fans of Hipster Whale's incredible Crossy Road have been enthralled with updates that added new playable characters, but here is an update we can only dream of: Crossy Road: Avengers.

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If you somehow haven't played Crossy Road yet (it's free, what's the matter with you?) the game sees a bunch of characters, mostly animals, trying to cross a heavily trafficked highway a la Frogger. It's very, very easy to get run over or fall into a river, but as you'll see the superheroes are a little better at dealing with traffic.

The Hulk has no trouble whatsoever crossing the road, the puny cars not presenting much of an obstacle to him. Iron Man just uses his brain (and suit) to avoid the whole mess, Thor seems to have forgotten his pledge to protect the people of Earth, and Captain America is just a little boy scout. Once again, Black Widow is forgotten. 

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Check out the video below.

While it's really well done this obviously isn't a real update, and will likely never be. But why couldn't Crossy Road start using licensed characters? The game is bigger than big at this point- it grossed over a million dollars in the first month in ad revenue alone- and brands must no doubt be noticing. Crossy Road already has a few cross-promotions in place, such as Disco Zoo's playable elephant appearing, so it's definitely not outside the realm of possibility.

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