PlayStation 5 and Xbox 2 Under Development

By Jonathan Benito , Updated Nov 22, 2015 08:43 PM EST

It has been speculated that the kings of console, the PlayStation and Xbox, are going to be obsolete by 2020 and their makers are out to find a replacement before that time comes. For the meantime, we might see the last hurrah of console gaming in the form of Playstation 5 and Xbox 2.

According to, AMD has offered to power both gaming consoles in an attempt to bring the 4K gaming experience to fans. The technology will soon be the benchmark of gaming as it is slowly rolling out with the latest smartphones in the market. The current consoles, apparently, do not have the proper processing power to deal with 4K technology.

With AMD powering these gaming giants, backwards compatibility will be the key feature. It's a bit ironic that this issue will finally be resolved at possibly the last version of the Playstation and Xbox since its conception. An article from Valuewalk suggests that the new PS console will be out by 2018 and they do make a valid argument, pointing out Sony's posted job listings hinting at the fact.

The majority of the gaming community believes that both consoles will be shipped without the disc drive and will rely solely on the internet for the game download. Whether or not VR gaming will tie-in with the Playstation is still anyone's best guess. But everyone agrees that it is likely that both consoles would have to evolve to keep players interested. There are still a number of titles that we would like to see beyond the console setting and there are a few of them that will be released in 2018.

People have always been predicting the death of consoles as often as that crazy dude with a "The End is Near" sign. But with gaming platforms like the Steam box gaining popularity, it's possible that most of our games will be stored and played this way in the future. As always, we're interested to see which company will do it better. 

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