Xbox Live Issues on Xbox One Reduces Efficiency; Microsoft Working on A Fix?

By Dimple A. , Updated Mar 29, 2016 05:57 AM EDT

Recent news regarding the Xbox Live and its issues with Xbox One is escalating. It has been noted that the issue reduces the efficiency of the game and owing to that, Microsoft is speculated to offering a fix for it.

A former report from Gamespot indicated that the Xbox Live is undeniably having issues and it is affecting the overall performance of the game. Even though Microsoft has been claimed of finding a fix to the glitch, as of the moment, the game is not performing to its full capacity.

According to the same report, "The service alert states that impacted services include joining other Xbox Live members in online games, and fortunately for fans, Microsoft is on the case."

In a former report from Microsoft, it revealed the importance of notifying them in case of glitches and technicalities. Despite the rising tension, the tech firm believes that it can come up with a resolution to reduce the errors and promote efficiency.

Looking back, it can be noted that it has not been an easy year for the game developers and the company itself. It stands to reason that Xbox Live and its corresponding issues make the users and the gamers uncomfortable. Even more so, it is a recurring glitch and is affecting the overall patience of the gamers worldwide.

In line with that, it has been noted that the device already had issues way back in January and occurred again in February and lastly today, which is why fans and followers could not help but speculate on whether Microsoft is truly finding a fix or its just a dead end.

It remains uncertain on whether the glitch would finally end or if the issues regarding Xbox Live Issues on Xbox One would continue on. As the gamers experience reduced efficiency, it is just a matter of time before the gamers raise the complaints and  issues to a whole new level.

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