iPhone 7 Release Date, News, Updates: Apple Offer Wireless Upgrades, Device Unshakeable Even From FBI?

By Stella Arellano , Updated May 20, 2016 11:00 AM EDT

Apple and its iPhone series have brought forth a diversity of fame, fortune and even low returns. The iPhone 7 features have been rumored to contain wifi modifications that will enhance wireless upgrades and at the same time, ensure that the security of the device would be unhackable, even from the FBI.

Indeed, the world has watched the many incidents involving Apple iPhone devices and its ties with the FBI. It appears that Apple is determined to strengthen its device security and on tops ensure that the device would be running smoothly as well.

Mac World reports that the rumors are indeed flying around regarding the possible feature that will be embedded on the upcoming iPhone 7. Rumors as they are, it data should be taken with a grain of salt in mind. According to the report, it would utilize wireless charging, touch screen capabilities and even comes full packed with built-in Touch ID.

It has also been speculated that Apple would no longer use the 3.5mm headphone jack, and aims on ensuring that the device would be famous for being an 'unhackable' iPhone. Owing to its past rendezvous with the FBI, Apple is doing all it can to prevent the same scenario from happening ever again.

As noted by the same post, Apple is believed to be launching two new sets of iPhone that will come out by the month of September. Nonetheless, it remains uncertain on whether the iPhone 7 would be among the given timeframe. As for the substantial features of the iPhone 7, hearsays have been circulating that the new segment would be thinner.

Forbes also mentioned that the new iPhone 7 and its modifications convey a mysterious feature such as being waterproof, dual camera configurations, and even incorporating a metal unibody design.

For the tech fanatics and enthusiasts, the iPhone 7 would surely be worth the catch, if ever Apple affirms the given rumors. Also, Apple's objectives on strengthening the iPhone 7 to be untouchable even from the FBI are also worth watching for.

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