Legacy of Pain in the Ass: GIRP, QWOP, and Now CLOP

Aug 03, 2012 12:31 PM EDT | By Luke Caulfield

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  • CLOP
  • (http://www.unicorn-pictures.co) Play the game, and you'll wanna punch this thing in the mouth

I've swam through the accursed electric seaweed in TMNT on the original Nintendo and managed to stave off my turtles from death.
I've taken down Alma in Ninja Gaiden.
I've broken two controllers and punched a hole in my bedroom wall, but I beat Hilary in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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But there are games that have gotten the better of me. Games that I've never been able to beat. Games that have made me want to punch a baby (Battletoads comes to mind). As of late, the majority of those games have come from one man. One Mr. Bennett Foddy. You may not know the name, but there's an excellent chance you've heard of his games.

Bennett Foddy is the man who I blame for my own inabilities. He's the reason I've never made it to the finishing line in QWOP, or why I never made it to the top of the mountain in GIRP. Why do I blame Mr. Foddy? Because both games are his design.

Foddy now has another addition to his collection of hair pulling, soul stealing, drive you to drink games. Like the games before it, the objective and gameplay of CLOP is simple enough. Guide a unicorn from one end of a course to the other, using the keys that make up the game's title. And like the game's before it, it's a horrifically maddening experience, but you CAN'T, STOP, TRYING.

I'm officially convinced that foddy's sole motivation for making these games is to piss us off, and then laugh about it when people inevitably post reaction videos on YouTube. If you have the tolerance of a saint, give it a try.

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