'Doom' 2016 Soundtrack Contains Satanic Audio, Images?

By V Doctor , Updated Jun 01, 2016 09:06 AM EDT

It has only been a few weeks since “Doom” 2016 was launched, but the game immediately rose in popularity and notoriety. Although the game has received a lot of positive feedback from fans and critics, one fan claims that the game soundtrack includes subliminal satanic messages.

Kotaku revealed that “Doom” 2016 is actually full of surprises and Easter eggs. Players may discover these as the go through the game.

Aside from the secrets within the game, a couple of YouTube users, NERD SAUCE and FaceLikeTheSun, explained how the Easter egg in the audio can be found.

TomButcher, a “Doom” 2016 fan, ran one of the songs, titled “Cyberdemon,” from the soundtrack, on a spectrogram to show the visual frequencies. He discovered that the game sounds produced an image of a pentagram as well as the number 666.

Mick Gordon, the composer of “Doom” 2016, hinted that there will be satanic images in the tracks. Aside from “Cyberdemon,” other songs most likely feature similar sinister images.

According to The Independent, composers can actually convert any image into sound via special tools and software. The inclusion of images in audio has been used in various songs in the past. The recent discovery can be a way for the game creators, id Software and Bethesda Softworks, to mock those who disapprove of “Doom” 2016, saying that it is too violent and evil.

When the original game released in the 1990s, a lot of parents were concerned about how the game may affect their children negatively. The game creators had to face the accusations and keep the title afloat.

Through the years, more shooter games with similar concepts were introduced, making the “Doom” franchise acceptable among the majority of players, and their parents. “Doom” can be considered as a pioneer in the genre, paving the way for more titles to be produced. Since the first game launched in 1993, three titles have followed, including “Doom” 2016.

It would be unjustified to immediately label the game creators as Satanists. They are rather, adding details in and out of the game. Previous installments also suggested demonic messages like the “Shores of Hell” episode and the “Hell” level in “Doom 3.” All of these are part of the creative stylings of the game and do not necessarily urge gamers to turn evil.

“Doom 2016” is currently playable on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. More updates and details are expected soon.

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