Social Media Sites Including Facebook, Twitter & YouTube To Combat Online Hate Speech In Europe

By Timothy Roberts , Updated Jun 02, 2016 10:43 PM EDT

A social media breakthrough took place as three of the biggest social companies pledge to eradicate hate. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft vowed to combat the widespread of "illegal hate speech."

The social media websites collaborated with the European Commission in creating a new code of conduct to possibly avoid and eradicate the dreaded "hate speech."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube are among the few who pledged to help the Eurpean Comission combat the widespread of terrorism through social media.

Part of their commitment is to filter and make sure that they take the necessary precautions in removing all "illegal hate speech" that is detected on their sites. The social media giants also vowed to remove and disable the access of the person or group who would spread the hate speech.

Aside from making a prompt gesture to abolish the "illegal hate speech," the social media websites also noted that they will participate in raising awareness.

They will educate their subscribers as to what are the basic do's and don'ts when it comes to information sharing using their respective website guidelines. 

The European Commission's press release included the statements of the websites that participated in putting an end to the dreaded "illegal hate speech." Statements coming from the social media and IT companies CEO are also included on their press release.

This gesture is a step closer in educating the consumers about terrorism and their recruitment methods. It is thrown towards the previous terrorist attacks that took place in several countries wherein terrorists used the social media to recruit new members.

Vera Jourova, the EU commissioner for justice, consumers, and gender equality mentioned that their gesture to collaborate with the IT companies is a step forward in putting an end to terrorism.

Jourova pointed out that social media plays a vital role in spreading hate infiltrate young people with violence. Working together in putting an end to the online hate speech, terrorism can be greatly reduced if not eradicated.

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