'Pokemon Go' Release Date, Gameplay & New Details: Evolution & Training; Q & A In E3

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Jun 06, 2016 09:43 AM EDT

The upcoming 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo should reveal what excited players wanted to know about the game such as "Pokemon Go" release date, "Pokemon Go" gameplay and other details. However, for those who just can't wait for E3, here are some exciting details with the game that just need to be shared.

"Pokemon Go" Gameplay

Gamers who were still kids when the popular animated series was still shown on television would remember what the object of lead characters were. Just like in the tv series, players will soon find out when the "Pokemon Go" release date arrives that the object of the game still remains the same - to catch as many pokemons as possible, traded them and battle other pokemon masters.

"Pokemon Go" Gameplay - How to catch pokemons

Since this is an augmented reality game, catching pokemens in "Pokemon Go" should be a lot of fun. Why? Because it would be basically like how they did it in the tv series.

One won't be a couch potato in this game. To catch a pokemon, one needs to go outside to locate the pokemon shown in the map. One could catch pokemons in malls, parks or sidewalks in one's hometown. Or if one is from the jet setting crowd, it would be the perfect opportunity to catch pokemons in different locations worldwide. It is this interactive factor that got fans so excited to know when the "Pokemon Go" release date would be.

One will be alerted on one's smartphone when a pokemon is nearby, reports PC Advisor. To catch the wild pokemon, one need to aim for it via the gadget's touch screen then launch a Poke Ball to capture them. With this exciting "Pokemon Go" gameplay, it's no wonder that the game is one of the most highly anticipated by gamers.

"Pokemon Go" Gameplay - Training and Evolution

When the "Pokemon Go" is first launched one can customize one's trainer. This player will become one's avatar in the game, other players will see it when they visit one's homepage and they will be battling with the trainer and  the pokemons he control when enemies try to take over a gym that a player currently controls.

The longer one plays the "Pokemon Go" game, the higher the level of the trainer becomes. This is absolutely necessary because higher level trainers have more chances of capturing more powerful pokemons. With the upcoming "Pokemon Go" release date, expect players to try to get the strongest possible pokemon available.

By the way, a point may arrive when one gets two or more pokemons of the same type. Fret not; this is the perfect oppotunity to evolve them into an even stronger pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" Release Date

While Niantic Lab has not officially given a specific release date for the game, most believe that the "Pokemon Go" release date will be sometime this year, according to Neurogadget. This is because the company is doing a "Pokemon Go" beta testing in the US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand at the moment. When all the kinks have been ironed out, expect the game to be released as well.

Pokemon Go Question and Answer in E3

Fans who might have additional questions regarding the "Pokemon Go" gameplay need only visit the E3 event this coming June 14-16, 2016. Gamers are also expecting that the question about "Pokemon Go" release date would finally be answered in the Q & A portion of the coming E3.

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