iPhone 8 News & Updates: Apple to Release iPhone 8 With A Dual Edge Feature

By Timothy Roberts , Updated Jun 08, 2016 09:56 AM EDT

Apple will soon release iPhone 8 with a Double Edge feature. Set to be introduced in the market this fall, Apple switched their strategy as Samsung and LG are tailing in terms of sales.

According Android Origin, Apple changed their game plan through iPhone 8 as the company had total make over in-terms of design.

The new changes that Apple made for iPhone 8 is said to either make or break their sales. Though it may have a similar Double Edge feature as that of Samsung devices, Apple might put in their own twist.

Apple's latest flagship to be released is fall is said tobe one of the biggest leap that they would have to risk. Their latest concept in engaging their latest product with a Double Edge design should be done in a way that it has to offer something unique to draw the consumers interest.

Though the double edge design became a hit among consumers, iPhone 8's release is still a huge risk as consumers would tend to be skeptical.

With iPhone's price range, and their specs, consumers are yet to decide it they would go for it or stick to Samsung's double edge products instead.

Speculations about the iPhone 8's Double Edge design make rounds on line back in 2014, but it was not yet certain as to the product would push through or not. Phone Arena mentioned that what made iPhone 8 a big deal prior to iPhone 7's release was its new look.

Though iPhone 6 already made a huge leap by changing their looks by making the regular iPhone bigger, iPhone 8 however is said to have a total make over.

It was not yet confirmed as to what the specs of iPhone 8 aremost iPhone consumers are eager to know what Apple's new surprise is. Phone Arena's iPhone 8 design concept, however, was clearly a fan made speculation, but it did match Android Origin's Double Edge design for iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Specs website then released details as to what iPhone fans should look forward to. It was mentioned that the latest iPhone to be released in 2017 will definitely have a better camera.

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