iPhone 7 Latest News, Rumors & Release Date: Leaked Photo Confirms Home Button Iteration? New Features Revealed

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Jun 16, 2016 07:18 AM EDT

The iPhone 7 rumors continue to come in with its expected launch counting down. Among the rumors tied up to the less stellar Apple flagship include that of a different home button, one that would allegedly be no longer physical that may eventually make water-proofing efforts handy.

A recent leak from Mobipicker shows a blurry image of what is believed to be the upcoming iPhone 7 showing just that, probably one of the key things to look out this August.

Overall, the iPhone 7 looks a lot like the iPhone 6s which doesn’t come much of a surprise. The similarities between the two Apple flaghships is something to be expected with the Cupertino company holding off all major revisions to next year for the iPhone 8.

What does the Tweaked Home Button mean?

The flush home button of the iPhone 7 is not really new news having been mentioned in previous rumors. It will still be touch-sensitive but could more importantly help in Apple’s efforts to make the phone fully water-proof.

With a virtual button in place, the iPhone 7 could eliminate the gaps that allow liquids from entering the chassis.

Aside from that, the capacitive home button will do away with hard presses needed to be done by iPhone owners which could be another cause of potential phone problems depending on how hard they press the home button.

One of few distinguishing marks for the iPhone 7

Though the image is considered ‘fake’ until proven authentic, the touch-sensitive home button stands to be one of the few iterations for the iPhone 7.

While the flush home button for the upcoming iPhone 7 makes sense, it stands to be one of the few things that Apple has to offer per 9to5 Mac.

If you failed to catch it previously here, among the things to expect for the iPhone 7 include a possible bump in storage capacity with the minimum set at 32 GB from 16 GB, a thinner mold thanks to the removal of the 3.5 mm jack and the camera improvement thanks to a dual-lens camera module.

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