'Halo 5' Warzone Firefight Release Date & Details: 343 Industries To Offer Another Free Expansion

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Jun 20, 2016 07:50 AM EDT

Surprisingly, a new "Halo 5" Warzone Firefight free expansion is coming again soon. In fact, the game's developer 343 Industries, recently revealed details of what could be the largest update of "Halo 5: Guardians."

Halo 5 players have been pampered with free updates for the "Halo 5: Guardians" game. The most recent one was just weeks ago, wherein players were able to download for free the "Hog Wild" expansion, reports Game Rant. To the delight of gamers, the expansion allowed players to experience Warthog-themed upgrades to the game.

What can Halo 5 players look forward to in the upcoming "Warzone Firefight" update? Apparently, players will soon have their hands full of free content from 343 Industries since by the looks of it, the "Halo 5" Warzone Firefight" update could be the game's biggest to date.

For instance, the new update will add 3 new maps to the game: two maps for Warzone and one for Arena, reports GameSpot. 343 Industries' post unveiled Prospect, one of the new Warzone Assault map.

In the Prospect map of the upcoming "Halo 5" Warzone Firefight update, players find themselves dropped into a mining facility to take on Meridian, a glass-enclosed human colony. The mining facility is defended, so it is now up to the player to eliminate the defense force posted in the interior of the facility.

The company's post also offered strategies for Halo 5 players how to successfully subdue the mining facility's defense. To successfully infiltrate the facility in the new Warzone Firefight map, players need to utilize the surroundings for cover. In addition, there are flank paths they could use as well as scaffoldings to gain a vantage point.

The upcoming "Halo 5" Warzone Firefight update also comes with a new Halo 5 Forge canvass named "Tidal" which, as the name suggests, offers a spectacular view of a coastline. Aside from the multi-player function of the Warzone Firefight mode, the upcoming "Halo 5"update will also have a single-player mode known as Score Attack.

The upcoming "Halo 5" Warzone Firefight expansion will be the game's eighth update in such as short span of time. The first was introduced in November last year called "The Battle of Shadow and Light" followed by "Cartographer's Gift" last December. By January this year, the third expansion was introduced named "Infinity's Armor," the fourth came in February called "Hammer Storm," the fifth named "Ghost of Meridian" in April. Lastly, "Memories of Reach" as well as "Hog Wild" were introduced in May.

At the moment, there is no announcement for a "Halo 5" Warzone Firefight release date. Stay tuned to GameNGuide for future "Halo 5: Guardian" expansion updates.

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