'Grand Theft Auto 6' Release Date, News & Update: New Details Revealed!

By Kathleen Nava , Updated Jun 23, 2016 02:37 AM EDT

"Grand Theft Auto" is undoubtedly one of the most popular games ever made. Its popularity is the main reason why fans have been waiting patiently for "Grand Theft Auto 6."

'Grand Theft Auto 6' release date finally revealed?

After the possibility of the "Grand Theft Auto 6" was realized, many have speculated regarding the game's every detail and release date.

Although a lot of "Grand Theft Auto 6" rumors have been making its rounds on the Internet, "Grand Theft Auto 6" developers have not confirmed any of these speculations.

The latest "Grand Theft Auto 6" release date rumor points out to a 2018 launch as reported by Neurogadget.

As to how "Grand Theft Auto 6" is believed to be officially released in 2018, the site reports that the latest "Grand Theft Auto 6" release date rumor was based on the fact that "Grand Theft Auto" usually has a five-year gap between games.

Since "Grand Theft Auto 5" debuts back in 2013, there is a high chance that "Grand Theft Auto 6" will be launched in 2018.

While this new "Grand Theft Auto 6" release date update is exciting and makes a lot of sense, just like the other speculations, "Grand Theft Auto 6" developer Rockstar Games have not confirmed this recent rumor either.

'Grand Theft Auto 6' new location

The Sun reports that "Grand Theft Auto 6" is going to change its location.

Normally, the franchise stuck to their known territory which is the fictional county in the United States. This time though, the site revealed that the "Grand Theft Auto 6" action will take place in London.

In an interview back in 2013, "Grand Theft Auto 6" developer Rockstar Games' Dan Houser hinted for a possibility of "Grand Theft Auto 6" to be taking place outside the U.S. area.

“These days I think we would love to set a game in the UK, set in London, whatever, but I don’t know if it would be a GTA game," he told The Guardian.

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