'Outlast 2' Demo, Release Date: Sequel Guaranteed To Scare Gamers

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Jun 23, 2016 11:40 AM EDT

An "Outlast 2" demo was showcased in the recently concluded E3 event. According to the lucky few gamers who were lucky enough to sample the game before the official "Outlast 2" release date, the sequel is scary, dark, eerie and terrifying. And by the way, they all loved it.

 Red Barrels opted to use the prestigious E3 event this year to let players experience the upcoming game via the "Outlast 2" demo, reports Engadget. Excited fans finally had the chance to actually play the highly anticipated sequel before the official "Outlast 2" release.

"Outlast 2" Gameplay

Based on the "Outlast 2" demo, it appears Red Barrels has not lost its touch in the survival horror genre. Right at the demo's start, gamers soon realized to their delight that "Outlast 2" really knows how scared.

The player starts as Blake Langermann, a member of a husband and wife investigative journalist team. The first is inside a helicopter and while Blake is speaking to his wife and partner Lynn, the chopper spirals out of control eventually crashing into the desert below.

Thus begins Blake's search for Lynn in total darkness in the "Outlast 2" demo. It is midnight but luckily Blake has a camcorder with a night vision feature. Blake's view of the surrounding landscape is even made more eerie when seen through the cam's greenish screen.

In "Outlast 2" Blake quickly learns that it is a desperate and frantic search for Lynn. He has likewise to outrun violent monsters and the equally violent locals while making sure he scouts for an additional battery for his cam to work.

"Outlast 2" Release Date

Red Barrels did not yet reveal a specific date for the "Outlast 2" release date but the game will be launched this fall according to Outlast Wiki. Supported platforms include PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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