‘Resident Evil 7’ News & Updates: Game Goes Back To Horror Roots, Did Capcom Intentionally Keep Quiet To Hype Up Fans?

By Bernie Yanson , Updated Jun 24, 2016 09:02 AM EDT

"Resident Evil 7" demo was the talk of the Internet last week, baffling thousands of gamers instead of shedding light. It seems that game developer Capcom turned to its horror roots and kept gamers mostly in the dark to increase interest.

'Resident Evil 7' Gameplay Still A Mystery

Reports from Stevivor suggest that Capcom is keeping the details hushed on "Resident Evil 7" on purpose.

Last week, the website tried to inquire some details about the demo but Capcom hasn't answered yet. And it seems strategically done so.

A Capcom representative graciously declined to answer the inquiries about "Resident Evil 7." More so, the representative confirmed that R&D team won't be able to answer the inquiries either.

Capcom intentionally keeps "Resident Evil 7" a mystery so people will keep on guessing about them. This is probably Capcom's strategy to hype up the coming of the much-awaited "Resident Evil 7."

'Resident Evil 7' Back On Its Horror Roots

Engadget reported how "Resident Evil 7" changed from the previous installments, particularly as it ventures into virtual reality. Apart from this, Capcom is also rewriting the survival horror game.

Reports say that Capcom will be eliminating tacky tropes, enemies and characters in "Resident Evil 7." The demo and trailer have demonstrated a more terse, psychological horror game that some games are also trying to adapt.

"Resident Evil 7" series producer Masachika Kawata said that the game will offer a different kind of experience, regardless if its played with PSVR or not. Both versions will take on the first-person view.

Trapped inside a haunted house, the main objective of the player is to get outside the house using the things found inside. However, the demo released for "Resident Evil 7" left players with more questions than answers.

The "Resident Evil 7" demo is available to PlayStation Plus users on PS4. The demo is said to be available on Xbox One and Windows PC soon. Watch the gameplay below.

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