Mike Tyson Vs Muhammad Ali: The Greatest Fights In Videogames

By Juan G. Rodriguez , Updated Aug 24, 2012 10:29 AM EDT

1. Fight Night 4 Mike Tyson Vs. Muhammad Ali:

It's moments just before the greatest bout in history, when the look of hatred slides across his face, his thoughts shifting between the serene and the shadows. His heart beats rapidly as he crosses the threshold and enters the ring.

If only this man could catch a glimpse of his eyes before a bout, he would know fear. He is a beast of a man. He has never known vulnerability or failure in the ring. He is Kid Dynamite, Iron Mike or just 20-year-old Michael Gerard Tyson, a lost soul from Brownsville. He is the crowned heavyweight king and tonight he faces his greatest opponent.

Across the ring from the young champion, is a legend of boxing the self-proclaimed world's greatest Muhammad Ali. He is lose and relaxed, moving from side to side. He has spoken a lot of ill words in the build up to the fight, but now he is tight-lipped and in search of victory.

He is a man of worship, a boastful celebrity, and a master of his craft. Ali's long and lanky limps hang loosely at his side; he is shaking his head and boastfully taunting his opponent. The two warriors come to the center of the ring, touch gloves and pay homage to the false veneer of civility. They return to their respective corners.

The bell sounds and the two men step to the center of the ring. Ali opens the bout flatfooted with his legs as stiff as concrete, while his upper torso sways and slithers like a king cobra readying to strike.

Tyson, the smaller fighter, keeps his guard high and tight as he bullishly moves forward.  His well-defined and muscular back glistens in the spotlights. His eyes are possessed with an animalistic hunger. Tyson seems indestructible.

Ali is the first to strike and tosses a playful jab, which is quickly parried by Tyson, who follows up with powerful counter-cross to the body that sends a shudder down Ali's spine. Ali has been brought down to earth, brought down by the camaraderie of battle. He now recognizes his opponent as his peer. Ali begins to move his hip swaying in an out of lighting fast strikes.

Tyson is defending the onslaught well, but has broken into a sweat. He swings wildly and pays the price as Ali lands a crushing body shot. Tyson refocuses on his defensive skills, patiently waiting for the right moment to counter. The moment arrives when Ali loosens his defense in preparation of an attack. Tyson lands a three-hit combo that sends Ali stumbling backwards.

In just half of a breath, Tyson is on him again, landing with an absurd accuracy. A hard right lands on Ali's chin followed by a staggering left hook that sends him spiraling to the canvas. The ref jumps in and Tyson confidently moves to his corner. The count begins with Ali steadily returning to his feet. The bell sounds signifying the end of the first round.

I dropped the control from my hands and take a deep breath trying to get command over my excitement. This is the greatest fight of my video boxing game career. When EA Sports' released Fight Night Round 4 on June 25, 2009, this was exactly the type of spectacle the game maker set out to achieve. The dream matchup of Ali versus Tyson, one of the most debated hypothetical boxing matches in history.

This is the greatest fight in my gaming career. It created the most excitement and fear that I have ever experienced with sports or fighting video games. This bout between boxers of a different era is my undisputed choice for greatest fight in video games. As for the results, I played as Mike Tyson and fought Ali for 12-rounds, losing a unanimous decision. Below are my runner-ups for greatest fights in videogames.

2. Mortal Kombat: Scorpion vs. Subzero 

The greatest of enemies forever destine to tango in the dance of death. Mortal Kombat's Scorpion and Subzero have been trapped in a feud since the beginning of the series. After three hotly contested rounds, I had my opponent dizzied and ready to be finished. I pulled the trigger and removed Scorpion's ninja mask, revealing his white skull. A stream of fire erupted from his mouth and burnt SubZero to a charred crisp.

3. Street Fighter 2 CE: Ryu versus Sagat 

After spending what felt like a million dollars in quarters, I finally reached the second to last fight of Street Fighter 2. Across from my chosen fighter Ryu stood the Muay Thai kick-boxer Sagat. After two dominate rounds, I finally had Sagat within an inch of defeat, but I couldn't just finish the fight with any move. I had to set him up for the vaunted Shoryuken or as it is better known the dragon punch. Sagat attacks me with a flying knee and I go for the move landing it with perfection. The fight is over Ryu has defeated Sagat yet again. 

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