'Heroes of the Storm' News: All Heroes Free Until June 28

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Jun 27, 2016 11:20 AM EDT

Blizzard's annual "Heroes of the Storm" Summer Championships in Sweden have just concluded—with a big win by pro eSports team Tempest—and to celebrate the victory, the company is giving a gift to all "HotS" players by unlocking all heroes until Tuesday, June 28.

Blizzard announced that "Heroes of the Storm"'s free hero event began on the morning of Friday, June 24 and will last until the stroke of midnight on June 28. In addition to making every hero available to play, they've also put out a special deal, the Summer Championship Bundle, on the "HotS" store featuring the heroes and the skins that were used by the winning team in the finals.

The heroes on the winning team are Brightwing (with the Monarch Brightwing skin), Tyrael (Demonic Tyrael), Greymane (Ringleader Greymane), Tassadar (Mecha Tassadar), and Falstad (Buccaneer Falstad). The bundle was made available earlier last week, going up on the store back in June 21, but it's also on sale until June 28. Its cost will also depend on which heroes (and skins) you already own from among them.

Other items also on sale include Zeratul, a Zerg Hunter Zeratul Skin, and a Funny Bunny Murky Skin, each for $4.99. This sale is also until June 28, after which a new sale will go up on the store.

In other news, a balance patch was also released on June 21 that fixed some stats and numbers for Kael'thas, Chromie (both assassin heroes), and Rehgar (a support hero), as well as other bug fixes for the game. This month, a new hero was added to the Nexus—the Archmage Medivh from the "Warcraft" series, a ranged specialist with a special focus on battlefield teleportation. No word or hint yet from Blizzard on who and when the next hero addition will be.

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