Call Of Duty And Battlefield Meet Warface, A New Free-To-Play Military Shooter by Crytek (Watch Here)

By Juan G. Rodriguez , Updated Aug 27, 2012 09:06 AM EDT

Each man sat in the helicopter exuding puddles of perspiration. It was as if someone had lit a fire under their armor and gear. Anxiety, stress and fear, thoughts of approaching battle wreaked havoc on their minds. The six soldiers fingered their weapons nervously, making last-second adjustments.

The doors burst open and the soldiers are met by an angry cry of gunfire. Soon their running through a labyrinth of dirt roads. Ducking in and out of makeshift shelters, while avoiding enemy fire.

This is Warface a free-to-play multiplayer military shooter that takes place in a "near future" setting. Crytek, who promises that the game will have triple-AAA production values, is developing the game.

According to Crytek's site for the game, "It is the year 2023; nations have crumbled and a new entity has risen to fill the power vacuum. This ruthless military force, known as Blackwood, controls the world's resources and turns cities and countries into desolate battlefields. They must be stopped - which is where you come in. Join the elite Warface force and carry the fight to Blackwood wherever their evil reach extends."

Warface is looking to give the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises a run for their money. The game will takes gamers through a wide variety of locations, placing players in deadly war-zones across the planet. The military shooter is also being billed as using next-generation graphics and so far early footage and screenshot seem to confirm that billing.

According to the game's official site, the game will contain intense multiplayer action that rewards both teamwork and skill. So basically teamwork is essential to survive the massive online battles.

Warface is already an award winning game, having won the 2012 Gamescom award for Best Social/Casual/Online Game.

The game will be officially released sometime this winter for PC, but the developer recently announced that Warface could also be coming to Xbox and PlayStation, but no specifics were given.

Watch a couple of the game's trailers below...

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