‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Official Global Release PAUSED By Niantic Labs! Details Here! [VIDEO]

By Luis Vincent Gochoco , Updated Jul 09, 2016 01:05 AM EDT

After three days since its release in Australia and New Zealand, "Pokemon GO" has taken these countries by storm or should we say the world? "Pokemon GO" gamers and fans all over the world are crazy over the new Pokemon game and even though they're not from the country mentioned above, "Pokemon GO" fans still found a way to play the game but there is a trade-off.

Serves down and Pokemons cannot be found in "Pokemon GO"

In the past days "Pokemon GO" players had different issues regarding the game. From "Pokemon GO" not being able to track their GPS location right, to signing up, to signing in to the game and even locating the much prized Pokemons.

All these can be blamed to the massive outpour of download and gamers not just from Australia and New Zealand but all over the world for "Pokemon GO." A perfect mix for server overload and thus resulted to server outage.

"Pokemon GO" global release goes to a halt!

As reported by Business Insider, due to servers crashing and due to the shockingly huge amount of players for "Pokemon GO," Niantic Labs are delaying as of the moment the global rollout for the game. In an attempt to neutralize the servers for the current countries in which "Pokemon GO" has been made available for download and play officially.

CEO of Niantic Labs John Hanke even said that they knew that "Pokemon GO" will be popular but they were surprised and amazed that it had reached up to this extent. The "Pokemon GO" team of Niantic Labs is aware and is currently trying to fix the overloaded servers as tweeted on Pokemon's twitter account however global rollout for "Pokemon GO" in countries such as the Netherlands,the UK and the rest of the world are "paused until we're comfortable," Hanke said.

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