'Pokemon GO' Latest News, Release Date & Update: Where Do Rare Pokemons Appear in UK? Tips, Guides & Cheat Codes!

By Daniel Flores , Updated Jul 19, 2016 06:25 AM EDT

Since "Pokemon GO" is released in the British shores, one normal question come to mind: where are rare Pokemons located? To begin with, walking around the city and asking other players for news is a start, but where? Here are few tips of the trade to start an adventure:

'Pokemon GO' Guide, Tips and Reminders

To start it off, a player must increase his or her trainer level to find the rare Pokemon. In the start of the "Pokemon GO" game, catching low level Pokemon is a priority to a player and evolving Pokemon to the next form.

Using cadies to evolve a Pokemon, the trainer level will increase. Thus, making a huge advantage to find a rare creatures in the "Pokemon GO" game.

Hatching eggs are also an advantage to get a rare Pokemon. Eggs are available on pokestops for "Pokemon GO" players and are placed in an incubator until it hatches.

The egg has some kilometer distance on it. the longer the kilometers the "Pokemon GO" player will cover, the higher the possibility that the egg will be a rare Pokemon.

2 kilometers will produce a standard pokemon, 5 kilometers will produce a rare pokemon and ones on 10 kilometers will be much rarer. There is a hack where a "Pokemon GO" player's phone can simulate walking for hatching eggs.

Meanwhile, different types of pokemon are present in "Pokemon GO" game. If a player wants a water-type Pokemon, head to the lakes and beaches. For land-type Pokemon, head towards rural areas like parks and woods for a good chance.

Psychic-type pokemons are known to be located on cemeteries and graveyards. If "Pokemon GO" players want to explore to the said place, remember to watch your step and be respectful.

'Pokemon GO' Cheat Codes & Walkthrough

Before the developers created "Pokemon GO" there was Ingress, a similar augmented reality game that lets players venture around and collecting energy called "XM."

A Reddit user figured out that "Pokemon GO" and the Ingress game can be overlaid with one another and used as a blueprint for increase pokemon activity. It can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices.

Players of "Pokemon GO" can always ask through social media or go to different gaming websites for accurate news. Pearlshare is one of the websites, as other "Pokemon GO" players share maps on where rare pokemons are found and captured.  

Here is another tip for "Pokemon Go" players in catching Pokemons in the wild. When a player has found a Pokemon, the camera mode switches and the pokemon is revealed in front of the player. The white ring appears. When the ring becomes green and tiny, that is the time the player can catch the pokemon and add it to the player's pokedex.

"Pokemon GO" is available on Google Play and PlayStore. For more tips and news on "Pokemon GO" be sure to stay tuned on GamenGuide!

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