‘Marco Polo’ Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Netflix Series Cancelled Due To Casting & Financial Problems? New Plot Will Be Followed?

By Jastine Uy , Updated Jul 20, 2016 06:47 AM EDT

Millions of fans are now excited for the upcoming release of "Marco Polo" Season 3. However, recent reports are claiming that the impending third season is already cancelled due to budget problems.

Netflix cancelled 'Marco Polo' Season 3 due to budget problems

Movie News Guide has reported that "Marco Polo" Season 3 could be cancelled due to the lack of financial support from Netflix. According to the report, the production cost for the upcoming third installment is so much bigger than the actual budget released for the series.

MNG has added that "Marco Polo" Season 3 will definitely cost thousands of dollars as it is considered as one of the most expensive series at present time. It even added that the production budget for the third season is a little smaller than what is needed to film the "Game of Thrones" Season 7.

Aside from the problems on its finances, sources have it that Netflix is also having a hard time on the plot of "Marco Polo" Season 3. According to reports, the production team is currently considering to focus more on Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong) and Prester John instead of Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy).

Prester John & Kublai Khan takes lead role in 'Marco Polo' Season 3

Meanwhile, GamenGuide has previously reported that both Prester John and Kublai Khan will be taking the lead role in "Marco Polo" Season 3. In other words, the story of Marco Polo will not be the focus in the upcoming third installment.

"Marco Polo" Season 3 spoilers are claiming that Kublai Khan's weakness in making hard decisions will be causing a lot of troubles in the kingdom. Another story fans should watch out for is the future of Prince Jingim (Remmy Hii) and Marco Polo without the presence of Princess Kokachin (Zhu Zhu).

"Marco Polo" Season 3 will premiere in 2017. For more "Marco Polo" Season 3 spoilers, news and updates, stay tuned to GamenGuide!

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