'Dragon Quest Builders' Release Date, News & Update: Title Coming In North America & Europe, To Come With A Special Day One Edition

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Jul 21, 2016 12:20 AM EDT

Square Enix is now about to join the craze of sandbox construction with its "Dragon Quest Builders," which will soon roll out in North America and Europe.

Square Enix first revealed that "Dragon Quest Builders" will be released in October, but the video game company now gave further details about the upcoming action role-playing title.

Release Date & Exclusives

"Dragon Quest Builders" will launch on Oct. 11 in North America and on Oct. 14 in Europe for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, as per Game Spot.

Aside from that, "Dragon Quest Builders" also has a Day One edition that will be presented on the game's debut. It carries a download code that will let the gamers have three exclusive recipes.

These "Dragon Quest Builders" exclusives can be used for each different building materials for the title's free-build mode, called Terra Incognita.

The Three Recipes

As posted on PlayStation Blog, Square Enix classified the three exclusive recipes for "Dragon Quest Builders."

1. Springtide Sprinkles Recipe will allow the "Dragon Quest Builders" players to transform trees into Cherry Blossoms and the soil into straw floor blocks.

2. Slimy Blocks Recipe lets "Dragon Quest Builders" gamers to create blocks decorated with charming blue Slimes.

3. Gold Blocks Recipe will make "Dragon Quest Builders" users look rich by using pure gold blocks.

'Dragon Quest Builders' Gameplay

"Dragon Quest Builders" will continue the tale of the original "Dragon Quest." "Dragon Quest Builders" players will try their best to build the destroyed realm after the novel Hero from the first game had a deal with Dragonlord, WCCF Tech reported.

The "Dragon Quest Builders" protagonist can choose their character between a boy and a girl. From here, the Legendary Builder will be awakened by a Guardian Spirit and will be appointed to rebuild their kingdom and restore everything that has been devastated.

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