‘Street Fighter 5’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Gamers Await ‘Urien’, August DLC Updates

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 07, 2016 01:14 AM EDT

The last time out, it was reported here on Game & Guide that more premium characters would be joining “Juri” on “Street Fighter 5”. Those characters included “Laura”, “Cammy White” and “Ibuki”, each priced at $4.

They join a roster filled with old and new names such as Guile, Alex, Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, Charlie, Chun-Li, Birdie, Necalli, Vega, Rashid, Rainbow Mika, Karin Kanzuki, Zangief, Laura Matsuda, Dhalsim and F.A.N.G.

Waiting on “Urien”

With August now here, the new character in focus is “Urien”. The character was promised in the game’s Season Pass, another “Street Fighter 5” character that can be played on story mode.

Unfortunately there is no sign of “Urien” for now and the belief is that Capcom applying the necessary tweaks before making an official release. August has just started so a release could occur at any point.

New Mission System confirmed or not?

With “Urien” still on the mend, there are other things to look forward to as far as the August DLC update for “Street Fighter V”. One is the mission system promised to gamers, one that would see players take on daily challenges.

With the daily challenges, “Street Fighter V” players can get the chance to earn “Fight Money” faster, allowing them to gain money to spend on stuff like cosmetics or DLC characters. But similar to the case of Urien, the “Mission System” is also up for confirmation. It was first mentioned back in February but nothing credible has been announced since.

So far, the last DLC Capcom released was tied up with the Street Fighter 5” tournament in Evo 2016 last month. The downloadable content included the EVO 2016 map and costumes though it required separate payment. The Capcom Pro Tour DLC costs $24.99.

Proceeds of the tournament were reportedly to be used to help fund the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour events per Shoryuken.

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