‘No Man's Sky’ News & Update: 5 Critical Things Players Need To Know

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 13, 2016 01:32 AM EDT

By now most have probably heard that Hello Games has finally released “No Man’s Sky” that much awaited ambitious space exploration game. While leaked copies did somehow spoil the anticipation, there are still tons of things gamers will need to tackle.

As expected, there was the day one patch included in the release of “No Man’s Sky” filled with some stuff that every gamer needs to be aware of. Like most games here are some of the highlights, the important ones to enjoy a fluid journey to the unknown.

Animal Care and stocking resources

Like most games, “No Man’s Sky” is not simply about going out and fighting adversaries. Exploration is a given though players need to stock up on resources. 

Animals are the best leads to make this happen so taking care of them will be important. With the right care, these creatures can deliver important resources including the rare ones.

Travel with a goal

Traveling may be a drag for most. Fuel is likely to be hard to come by but with a bit of a tweak, you can reach one point to another by simply boosting to the atmosphere. This would normally be ideal if you are moving from one planet to another but consider it a slingshot effect to advance to another point in the world you are in.

Can you drift?

This is not “Fast and the Furious” but somehow spaceship brake drifting can come in handy. Especially during instances when pilots find themselves in melees, brake drifting could make a difference between survival and fending off adversaries. Slam the brakes and turn fast to put this tip to good use.

The Atlas Stone could be worth the money

Mystery items are expected in the game and something is bound to become a key source of generating cash. One item singled out is the Atlas Stone, an item that costs about 70,000 units. Vendors sell it for 130,000 so gamers can forget about trading.

The best way is to look for them and keep them in the inventory. Once the time is right, sell them at 100% to vendors.

Trade up with Space Station Visitors

Apparently one of the key things players must do is make sure they have the proper financial resources. Trading is one thing and the best way to deal is by transacting with visitors. The space station is a good place to do this, especially when they land in hangars.

The prices vary, depending on the items you can sell. But if you want to unload some excess stuff and turn them into useful cash, this is the way to go.

There are tons of things to do on “No Man’s Sky” and these are just some of them. GameSpot has more tips for you to check out.

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