‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest Rumors, Release Date & Update: New Evolutions Teased From Upcoming Anime

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 16, 2016 11:26 AM EDT

There is a scheduled anime set for November and "Pokemon Go" players are keeping track. This is with reference to "Pokemon Sun and Moon", something that could very well hint at the new additions to Niantic's phenomenal augmented reality game.

Among the leaks that have been rampantly coming out include the Alolan Pokedex, Pokemon characters coming complete with their evolutions. In all, there are over 100 new Pokemon to expect from “Pokemon Sun and Moon”.

The new breed could include some familiar names like “Rowelt”, “Litten” and “Popplio”, per 4Chans. The list is plenty to consider though it may be too early to conclude.

Will Alola character come after November?

A lot of attention is on the Alola clan. There are characters like “Vulpix” and “Ninetales” headlining possible additions to "Pokemon Go" with rumors expected to reach a feverish pitch come November.

According to Pokejungle, there could be more and much of that may be coming from "Pokemon Sun and Moon". The possibilities are endless as far as new character additions for "Pokemon Go" is concerned. There is no word on which specific character/s could appear as all that falls in the hands of Niantic and its team of developers.

Will these new breeds make it to “Pokemon Go”

From the mentioned characters and evolutions alone, any "Pokemon Go" player has reason to be excited. The easy money is that they will at some point which should further create a frenzy among the addicted people to the augmented reality game.

The anime “Pokemon Sun and Moon” will offer a preview this September. It is set for launch on Nov. 18, 2016, after which rumors are expected to spread tied up to a possible integration into “Pokemon Go”.

It seems unfair to divert attention from the Pokemon anime at the moment. It may be best to wait for it to be shown and then pick up the speculations from there later this year.

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