'Mafia III' Release Date & Latest Updates: 'The Heist' Trailer Debuts At Gamescom 2016; Lincoln Returns To New Bordeaux

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 17, 2016 09:00 PM EDT

The hit organized crime game franchise is back with a new instalment, which will launch on October 7, 2016. At first glance, the game does not look any different from its predecessors or from any other crime game in particular since it employs an open-world game in which the player starts from scratch. However, upon a closer look, "Mafia III" is not any spinoff of Grand Theft Auto as it seems.

"Mafia III" takes place in 1968 New Bordeaux, their fictional version of New Orleans and involves a lot of gun slinging and driving. It involves doing a lot of missions for different people which creative director Haden Blackman says about as "everything you're doing in the open world is driving you forward." He also adds that the main character Lincoln clay "doesn't go off fishing or something, everything furthers his goal", says a report by The Verge.

The game complements it classic gangster feel with beautiful classic cars which are appropriate for the setting, as well as fashion and brass music. Lincoln Clay returns after years of fighting in Vietnam and goes by the truth that family is "not who you are born with, but it is who you die for."

Now back home, Lincoln has his eyes set on escaping his criminal past. However, his surrogate family, the Black Mob, gets betrayed and totally wiped out by the Italian Mafia. Lincoln then builds his own family with his military background to get revenge on those responsible for the crime. This can only mean that intense fire fights, road chases, hand to hand combat and a lot of street smarts would be required to get on top of New Bordeaux, says a post on Coming Soon.

The events of the story unfold through cut scenes which are made to make it look like an old documentary. This gives players the feel that they are watching historical events that have happened around 50 years ago.

In making the gaming experience as authentic as possible, the team intensely researched on the setting. This involved dozens of trips to New Orleans in the course of the production, reading plenty of books on mob culture, and watching several documentaries about the period.

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