‘No Man’s Sky’ Latest News & Update: Hardware Improvement Patch For PC Version Out, PS4 Next

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 19, 2016 01:06 PM EDT

“No Man’s Sky” has its share of bugs and issues, applicable both to the PS4 and PC version. This is one of the reasons why a ‘Day One’ patch was hinted by Hello Games’ Sean Murray even before the game came out but apparently it doesn’t stop there.

Like most games, more patches to cover various issues are done. “No Man’s Sky” has its share of performance issues and now Hello Games has released a new patch to address such. No patch notes came with the latest patch for the PC version of “No Man’s Sky” though Murray explains what the update is expected to cover. It covers more of the hardware problems, something that will improve the frame rate for gamers who may be using computers with lower specs.

“No Man’s Sky” offers heavy and high-resolution graphics that would need high specs. Going back to the leaked copies issue, such was already mentioned by the early bird gamers who noticed the hiccups.

When that was brought out in the open, Murray hinted of a ‘Day One’ patch to somehow address the problems rendered. But more are expected to come as “No Man’s Sky” game copies start making their way to end users.

PS4 getting patched too

The recent patch that was released was for the PC. PS4 versions of “No Man’s Sky” are not that perfect as well and Murray, another patch for the game console version is due to be released. Like the PC version, no patch notes are available though Murray claims that all that will be revealed soon. Murray and Hello Games plan to resolve about 70% of the player reported issues this week through patches and hopefully this will account for better gameplay.

It should be noted however that per Murray, some updates will be free while others may require paymentOn what those updates would be is anyone’s guess though paying for an update may be controversial on the part of gamers unless he was referring to DLCs.

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