'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Release Date, Latest News & Updates: How To Use The Z-Ring & Z-Crystals

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 29, 2016 06:35 AM EDT

The gaming experience for "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" is about to be completely different when players use the Z-Ring. This accessory will be released by TOMY International alongside the game and is meant to be worn while the game is being played for an amplified 4D experience.

International Business Times reports that the Pokemon Company recently changed the layout of its website with an interface that showcases the Z-Ring and some of its companion accessories. The Z-Ring has been introduced earlier to the U.S. and international fans, but this will be the first time that product descriptions will be revealed to its Japanese fans.

Digital Trends reports that the wearable accessory is more than just a $30 ring that buzzes and sounds when needed to. The Z-Ring is on a whole new level as the wrist device tracks the use of Z-moves in the game, and makes sounds and lights up when done.

Toymaker TOMY homes that the device will captivate young player's imaginations and let them feel that they are actually part of the Pokemon world. Other than that, TOMY wants to build a new collectible industry around the same lines in which it had been popularly known for.

The Z-Ring comes with a Z-Crystal which creates a unique combination of lights and sounds when a Z-Move is completed by a player. The Z-Crystal included is only one of 18 different others, all of which is collectible from market available crystal packs. The Z-Crystals will be distributed randomly and since it being intended as a collectible, one can buy more than needed for trading.

It was reported earlier that the $29.99 Z-Ring set that is now available on Amazon will come with three Z-Crystals and one Pikachu figure. To complete all 18 variations, Pokemon trainers would have to get the other Z-Crystals separately through individual purchases of Z-Crystal packs.

For those who just want nothing fancy aside from a Z-Ring, The Pokemon Company said on the Japanese site that the basic set would come with a Z-Crystal for an Electric-type Pokemon. "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" are set to be released on November 18.

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