'Harry Potter Go' Latest News & Update: Has Niantic Labs Secured Rights to Produce 'Pokemon Go' Inspired Game? Is It Already In the Works?

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Aug 30, 2016 08:52 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" was phenomenal and players around the world love the game so much. The game did not just brought excitement and happiness to players but it also brought people together and helped businesses earn more profits as their establishments get designated as Pokestops.

Definitely, as the result of its immense popularity worldwide, the augmented reality game has a strong fanbase by now. Some of these fans who also love "Harry Potter" have come together recently because they want to ask Niantic Labs to produce a game that would fused "Harry Potter" and "Pokemon Go" together.

In their effort to call out the attention of the game developer and get their message across, fans have put up a petition entitled "Accio Harry Potter Go: We Want a Harry Potter Version of Pokemon Go!" As described in the request, the game will be called "Harry Potter Go" and it will involve casting spells and hunt for items that can be used to defeat the villains and beasts that appeared in the "Harry Potter" movie series.

The clamor for the fusion of "Pokemon Go" and "Harry Potter" game started when a fan-made trailer was published online. The video that was created by Stargaze Media shows how "Harry Potter Go" will look like if made into a game.

In any case, it was reported that the petition had reached Niantic and the company's senior developer, Marcus Figueroa, even granted an interview to talk about the new game. Allegedly, the official said that their company already secured the rights to make the "Harry Potter" game.

This news spread quickly and fans cheered wildly as the dream is finally coming true. However, Gizmodo reported that the interview with Figueroa never happened and the story was a hoax.

It was added that either Niantic or Warner Bros. probably has not even considered the idea of "Harry Potter Go," so the rumors that it is "in the works" is a big joke. Despite this, since it cannot be denied that the game has a big potential to be a hit, there is still hope that the bosses will give its production some serious thought. Check out the fan-made "Harry Potter Go" trailer below:

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