Connecting the Nintendo Wii U to Wi-Fi

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Nov 19, 2012 03:58 PM EST

If you managed to grab Nintendo's newest console yesterday before it managed to sell out, your next step is taking it online. With all the online based services (Wii U Chat, eShop, Miiverse), you're not getting the most bang for your buck (do people still say that?) unless you use it the way that Iwata and company planned.

One problem. Some people have been having problems doing so, related mostly to the Wii U seeing the wireless network, but failing to connect to it. Thankfully, the internet is full of tech savvy folks, and Nintendo tech forum user GAMEDEV has posted a guide on how to manually connect your Wii U to wi-fi, should you run into the same problems so many others have. Save yourself the extra clicking, and read on.

1. Go into connection types, Hit "Manual Configuration"

2. Input your SSID

3. Input the correct security type, this is key.

4. Put your password in properly

5. For ip address "Do not auto obtain".

6. open up cmd in your computer, type in ipconfig

7. Now input that ip address but add 10 to the last number so "" will be entered as ""

8. Enter the rest of your info inside such as subnet mask and default gateway exactly as you see it in your ipconfig.

9. Now hit next, hit configure now for your DNS. When asked about DNS hit "Dont auto obtain".

10. For the first server put in

11. For the second server put in

12. Hit Next, when asked about a proxy hit no proxy

13. Leave mtu as the default

14. it should work, if not check the ip and that it is the internet ip + 10. Good luck

Provided you can find it, Nintendo's Wii U is available now, and will be launching in Japan on Dec. 8.

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