'Heroes of the Storm' Latest News & Updates: Original 'Starcraft' Music To Be Used In New Update

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Aug 31, 2016 09:24 AM EDT

Blizzard's "Heroes of the Storm," if anything, is a celebration of the studio's brilliance through the iconic franchises it's given players over the past two decades or so. The upcoming patch, "Machines of War," is going to be a loving tribute to the "Starcraft" series as the free-to-play game will be getting space-themed characters and skins based on the franchise's popular Koprulu Sector.

GameSpot reports that as part of the "Starcraft"-themed update, Blizzard is going to bring remixed versions of the original "Starcraft" soundtrack to "Heroes of the Storm." These remakes, which are mostly redone versions of the original industrial rock-style Terran themes, can be heard in the new maps set in the "Starcraft" universe, such as Braxis Holdout and Warhead Junction. It's quite the nostalgia kick for anyone who's old enough to have played the original games.

As part of the "Machines of War" patch, "Heroes of the Storm" is also getting two new characters—the Protoss Alarak from "Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void," a melee Assassin hero, and tank Zarya from "Overwatch," who'll most likely come in as a Specialist. Existing "Heroes of the Storm" character Kerrigan will get a new skin called "Queen of Ghosts" (a reference to her job as a Ghost before she got infested by the Zerg), and other non-"Starcraft" characters such as Butcher and Rexxar will get new "Starcraft"-themed skins. The Ghost Speeder will also be available as a mount in the game.

"Machines of War" will be coming to "Heroes of the Storm" soon, and you can buy all of the skins, heroes, and mounts that comes with the patch in a pre-release bundle. The online multiplayer battle arena game, while free to play, is only available for PC. We'll let you know about release info and prices as soon as we find out.

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