‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Player Bans Being Lifted?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 31, 2016 07:34 AM EDT

“Pokemon Go” are currently on the watch following reports of player bans currently being done by Niantic Labs. With the intent of penalizing the players who have resorted to third party apps to level up faster, most were warned that their days were numbered.

Apparently, there were some “Pokemon Go” players who got banned with their length of play and current level the basis for being locked out. While banned players could appeal their case, the fact is that Niantic’s method of banning certain players was far from perfect.

The truth behind the bans

Using third party apps on “Pokemon Go” is technically considered a violation of the terms of service but such didn’t stop some from getting help to make the game easier. But unknown to some players, some third party apps have been doing harm than good.

CEO John Hanke singled out the use of map add-ons which do more than show the nearby pocket monsters. Apparently, they carry something similar to DDoS attacks on the game servers, something that forced Niantic to bar certain players, as explained in an official blog post.

Clearer picture but will it unban all?

With a new infrastructure, Niantic will reportedly unban some accounts. From the post, it seems that this covers the ones unknowingly used the map add-ons. In the event that players using the app are unbanned, Niantic made it clear that it is still a violation of their terms of service.

Assuming that some accounts are unbanned, there is a chance that they could be kicked out again and likely with stiffer results – including being permanently banned from playing “Pokemon Go”.

To set the records straight, “Pokemon Go” players whose sole purpose is to scrape data, using apps/ websites to capture the pocket monsters, battle or deployment on Gyms, and harvesting resources from PokeStops will still face bans.

Apparently, Niantic’s aggressive push to make the game fair to everyone continues so hooked players may want to try and plain the game the fair way. Stay tuned to Game & Guide for more "Pokemon GO" news!

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