'Clash of Clans' Latest News & Updates: Huge Banned Wave Given For Cheaters, Some Players Complain

By Anne Caballo , Updated Sep 08, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

The game "Clash of Clan" has been a very successful game after its release but this year, the game developer Supercell may have seen a huge drop in its user count. The drop increased when they have started banning cheaters and modders.

Modders and Bots Got Permanent Ban

Supercell had made special announcement with regards to those tools which were banned from the game "Clash of Clans." Players who uses bots and mods for the first time have been given a ban period of half a month. But it was reported recently that the Octopus already gave unexpected permanent ban hammer without giving any warnings according to iTech Post.

Multiple Account Holders Included By Bans

According to All Clash, those players who are using multiple accounts in playing "Clash of Clans' are also reported to be included in the permanent ban made by the developer. It is believed that Supercell had included them to discourage using multiple accounts.

There are players who are creating multiple accounts to be used for some illegal activities in the game without risking their main account to be banned. But as of now, this recent permanent bans somehow shows that the said practice of having multiple accounts no longer works.

Game No Longer Safe For Bots And Mods

There are already many "Clash of Clans" players that are already using bots and mods from other third party apps before this permanent bans happened. The game developer Supercell have long given warnings for those gaming community who used mods that they will surely be given permanent bans sooner or later.

Players Complaining of Wrongful Ban

However, the seemingly aggressive Supercell giving permanent bans to some "Clash of Clans" players has been reportedly affect those who are innocent players. Many players have responded on the game's official comment section asking bans to be removed. As of now, Supercell have not released any statement as to how they locate suspected "Clash of Clans" players.

Players Leaving In Droves

According to MobiPicker, many players are already quitting the game "Clash of Clans." These huge number of players leaving began even before the permanent bans have been done and have switched to other popular games like Pokemon GO.

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