‘Civilization 6’ Release Date, System Requirements, Leaders, Gameplay: Learn The Advantages Of Playing As Harald Hardrada or Mvemba A Nzinga

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Sep 12, 2016 07:57 AM EDT

As "Civilization 6" release date nears, leaders have been regularly showcased by Firaxis and 2K Games to tease excited fans on what changes the upcoming installment could bring to the long-running franchise. The latest of these are Harald Hardrada and Mvemba A Nzinga who joins the elite group of "Civ 6" leaders as head of Norway and The Kongo respectively. To ensure future glitch-free gameplay, "Civilization 6" system requirements are also touched briefly so players may be able to upgrade their wares for the upcoming strategy title.

'Civilization 6' Leaders, Gameplay - Abilities And Bonuses Of Playing Norway's Harald Hardrada

With the arrival of "Civilization 6" release date next month, gamers will have the honor of playing as Harald Hardrada, reported to be one of the last great Viking Kings. He will head the civilization Norway in the upcoming strategy title, a civ that has its own perks and bonuses which could aid players in the quest for world domination.

Like all "Civilization 6" leaders, Harald Hardrada also has his specialty or skill which can be used in battle. Particularly noteworthy is Harald's ability called "Thunderbolt of the North" which allows Norway's naval melee units to perform coastal raids.

Another advantage of playing the "Civilization 6" leader Harald is the Norway naval unit Longship. Aside from doing coastal raids, the Longship is touted to have the ability to heal when in neutral waters.

Playing as Harald will also grant players a unique Norwegian unit, the Berserker when "Civilization 6" release date arrives next month. The Berserker is particularly useful in pillaging as it consumes one less movement compared to others and gets an attack bonus as well. But its focus on attack makes the unit not very effective in defense.

Playing as the "Civilization 6" leader Harald also has advantages in the religious aspect. Norway has a unique building known as the Stave Church, which not only functions as a temple but also grants faith adjacency bonus as well.

Exploring the oceans is a breeze when one plays as Harald. When "Civilization 6" release date comes, players may take advantage of Norway's ability to disembark and embark at no cost. In addition, all naval units may venture into ocean tiles once the Shipbuilding technology is research. This is clearly an immense advantage early in the game as one's civ may spread quickly even to other continents.

'Civilization 6' Leaders, Gameplay - The Perks Of Playing As Kongo's Mvemba a Nzinga

Gamers will also have the privilege of playing as Mvemba a Nzinga with the arrival of "Civilization 6" release date next month. Mvemba heads Kongo and has some perks and bonuses up his sleeve.

For example, players who will play as the "Civilization 6" leader Mvemba a Nzinga will get bonuses in food, production as well as gold. As every Civ fan knows, these three resources can sometimes make or break a civilization. Getting perks in these resources will definitely boost one's chances at conquering the whole world.

Early in the game, Mvemba also gets a unique unit called the Ngao Mbeba. It boasts of defensive bonus when attacked by ranged units such as archers with the added convenience of not requiring iron for it to be built. The unit also has the unique ability of not being slowed down by woods or rainforests, allowing for speedier land movement, an advantage that players can utilize with the arrival of the "Civilization 6" release date.

'Civilization 6' System Requirements

For a seamless "Civ 6" gameplay, players need to check their hardware to meet the minimum requirements of the game. Detailed below are the minimum "Civilization 6" system requirements as previously reported by GamenGuide.

When the "Civilization 6" releases this October, a Windows Vista Windows 7, 8 or 10 is a must for the PC's operating system. The "Civ 6" also requires 2 GB RAM and a minimum of free 15 GB free hard disc space.

The minimum "Civilization 6" System requirements also include an Intel Core2 Duo E6300 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ for the processor. An ANVIDIA GeForce 9600GT 512MB or ATI RADEON HD 4870 512MB graphic card as well as a DirectX dx 9, 11 or 12 or higher is also required.

'Civilization 6' Release Date

Gamers will soon experience the exciting challenge of latest installment for the Firaxis franchise. "Civilization 6" release date is scheduled this coming October 21st. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for updates.


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