Horizon Zero Dawn' Joins 4K Lineup of PlayStation 4 Pro Titles; Release Date, Preview, Gameplay

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 12, 2016 09:56 AM EDT

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is an excellent game title to compliment the up and coming PlayStation 4 Pro. High-details and amazing graphics are sure eye-candy for this Guerilla Game produce that runs 4K resolution. Incidentally, 4K and HDR graphics are confirmed features of PS4 Pro.

To date, there are only handful of titles that can take advantage of PS4 Pro's capabilities. Although all PlayStation 4 titles can run on PS4 Pro, few has 4K resolution to put the latter in its intended purpose of ultra high-definition gaming. "Horizon Zero Dawn" is a timely offering in Feb 28 next year. It is no longer surprising if the game ends up being the best visual treat early next year.

Gamers may not be totally convinced to jump into PS4 Pro bandwagon but Dread Central believes that "Horizon Zero Dawn" might be a good reason to do so. Same belief goes to the title's future because of high chances that Sony Entertainment might do game hyping similar to what they did before.

"No Man's Sky" received the same special treatment during the pre-release of PlayStation 4 where the title was carried in every Sony events. Meanwhile for the gameplay, "Horizon Event Zero" is not the regular RPG where the hero needs to jump in the thick of battle over and over again killing as many as possible.

Guerilla Game cleverly developed Horizon's world teeming with good and bad robot-dinosaurs where heroine Aloy moves. Aloy need not kill these creatures all the time but she can evade, set traps or detonate a bomb which adds variety of elements in gameplay, EGMNow said.

One appealing detail about "Horizon Event Zero"" is the female character Aloy. Not many video games in recent year present female characters with kickass skills. Aloy then diverts to the path Lara Croft had taken in the gaming world.

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