'Grand Theft Auto 6' News & Update: GTA5 Connection & Real Score Why Rockstar is Silent About GTA6 Release Date

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 14, 2016 11:13 AM EDT

Gaming fanatics will live in agony thinking about when "Grand Theft Auto 6" will truly invade the shopping shelves. Speculations about conservative 2018 and liberal 2020 are circulating around but developer Rockstar Games prefers to keep silent.

"Grand Theft Auto" franchise receives another hyping when actress Lindsay Lohan sued the title and lost following accusations of copying her features. Then fans pivot the trend towards "GTA6" in hopes that Rockstar is ready to divulge details this time around. The fanfare resulted in renewed interest in remastered "Grand Theft Auto 5" instead.

To fully understand GTA's notoriety in the gaming world, "GTA5" lived up the expectations surrounding the action-game since 2013 when it was released for early consoles, iTechPost said. Gamers then hoped for the sixth installment thinking that Rockstar is cooking something for current generation console and the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro due to this early success. But in a surprising turn of event, Rockstar shifts towards porting "GTA5" for PlayStation 4 instead of the coveted "GTA6."

Even though there are uncertainties surrounding "GTA6," fans are still relying on Rockstar's mother company Take-Two for the final green light on the project. According to Mobile & Apps, there is a possibility for 2017 release announcement before this year ends.

The dilemma here is 2017 prediction only fuels the enigma and mythos of "GTA6" if paired with 2018 and 2020 rumors. So the drama circles back to ground zero again. It is better for gamers to divert yet focus in factual information about "GTA" franchise instead. "GTA5" is a proven hit that continually breaks records for being the fastest selling video game in history.

Rockstar already had humongous haul by breaching $1 Billion in just three days after release so focusing on remastered version is not a bad idea after all. Although "GTA6" is enticing, Rockstar seems to be doing a safe gamble in re-issue of prequel so give or take another year for this ruckus to clear out.

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