‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Rumors, Release Date & Update: PvP Feature Coming Soon!

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 15, 2016 10:41 AM EDT

As most know by now, a lot of new features are confirmed for “Pokemon Go”. The Buddy system has rolled out and a rumored trading feature similar to the card game version.

While those two features are lush, there is another one reportedly coming pretty soon. This is the PvP feature which was revealed no less by CEO John Hanke. The only problem is that he didn’t give a definite timetable, Techcrunch reported.

Is it already in development?

The “Pokemon Go” PvP feature should be something interesting though revealing it is entirely different from something that is in the works. When asked to confirm whether the Niantic development team is working on it, Hanke gave a vague reply by claiming that it is in the roadmap but does not carry a specific date.

Depending on how one is analyzes that response, the reply will keep most hanging. Hanke did not confirm (or deny) that it is being worked on so it may possibly still be in the planning stages. If so, it may take time before the PvP feature for “Pokemon Go” actually comes out.

Debuting together with Trading system?

As mentioned in a previous post, one other feature before the whole PvP angle was mentioned is the trading system. This is the same one used in the card game version.

Seeing that it was spotted from Niantic’s terms of service, many were under the impression that it would come out alongside the Buddy system. If not, it could be following soon.

However, the way Hanke explained the future features of “Pokemon Go”, it sees to hint that the said feature may be a long way off. If that is the case, the two features may take years to develop though trading seems to have the seeds planted already.

The good news is that more features are coming for “Pokemon Go”. With no time frame, here is hoping the game will still be a blockbuster once Niantic decides to add those curious perks.

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