'Halo 5' Big Team Battle News & Updates: Four Brand-New Maps Announced; Check Them Out Here

By V Doctor , Updated Sep 19, 2016 09:18 AM EDT

The "Halo 5" Big Team Battle Community Refresh is currently live, featuring 12 updated maps and four brand new maps. The refresh is the biggest update to a "Halo 5" playlist yet. The adjustments to "Halo 5" Big Team Battle includes enhanced aesthetics and gameplay improvements. The new and updated maps were created via the Forge tools in "Halo 5," in partnership with 343 Industries and gamers.

GameSpot revealed that the four brand new maps are called Estuary, Traffic Jam, Dispelled and Unearthed. 343 Industries shared that "Halo 5" Big Team Battle players and Forge experts collaborated to produce the upgraded maps, thoroughly testing each one. The test lobbies were arranged by HaloCustoms, BigTeamBattle.net, ForgeHub and Creative Force, allowing them to forward feedback straight to the map creators. The feedback in the online playtests helped prepare the maps to be observed internally.

343 Industries explained in a blog post that after the new and refreshed "Halo 5" maps have been drawn internally, the Multiplayer Team can closely observe these to provide more input on the aesthetics, layout and overall gameplay flow. The Forge experts made the final improvements to the "Halo 5" maps, such as quality intro and outro cameras, boosting player containment and organizing name location placement. The MP Team verified the fixes and approved the maps as ready for matchmaking.

Images of the four brand new "Halo 5" maps were featured. Dispelled by Timedipper featured what appeared like a base in a valley. A couple of bridges linked the tall structures surrounded by giant monoliths that formed a huge bowl. Estuary by Ikyleizbeastly is a modern-looking structure located on rocky terrain. The structure seemed camouflaged by its dull surroundings and the gray sky. Traffic Jam by Imarollinstone and Stunt Artist seemed to be set inside an office. A UNSC logo appeared on one side of the shot.

Unearthed by Arturbloodshot showed what looked like a mining site, featuring excavations, heavy machinery and a dusty environment. Shots of the upgraded "Halo 5" maps were also shown in the blog post. Since Forge tools were made available to "Halo 5" fans, more maps are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. More "Halo 5" updates and details are expected soon.

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