'Final Fantasy XIV' Release Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Square Enix Offers New Apartments, Aquariums and More via Patch 3.4 [VIDEO]

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Sep 19, 2016 11:12 AM EDT

"Final Fantasy XIV" has been recently revealed to get its new update called patch notes 3.4 "Soul Surrender." Square Enix confirmed that this patch is scheduled for Sept. 27 release.

Now, as the game developer already announced about the update, more details have been unveiled to tease fans about their on the development for "Final Fantasy XIV." The 3.4 update offers a good number of game upgrades in addition to new features and these include:


Xelphatol, a new dungeon, has been added to the game. This was described as the more challenging compared to its previous version. Players in level 60 can find this new dungeon in the shadow of the First Mountain.


A new quest where players need to work with the Warrior of Light will intensify the adventure line with Saint Endalim's Scholasticate. The mission while everyone work together is to locate one missing student.

For players who likes pleasure more than work, the new "Final Fantasy XIV" patch also offers the battle hall at the Gold Saucer for Triple Triad. In here, players have a chance to flaunt their deck building skills versus everyone in the realm.


An array of "Final Fantasy XIV" apartments are coming soon. Players can buy a unit and meet new neighbors. Square Enix introduced three apartment types and they are all magnificent. To turn them into more sophisticated housings, they can be remodeled using the array of available furnishings and decorations like lights and carpets.


You, as a "Final Fantasy XIV" player, can now have your own aquarium at home, where you can put on display your most treasured fish. These tanks are available in four sizes since fishes come in different sizes and types. 

Lastly, gather as many new Allagan tombstones of scripture as you can. These can be traded for strong and powerful new gears.

"Final Fantasy XIV" update is available for Mac, PS3, PS4 and PC. The patch 3.4 will go live on Sept. 27 so only a few days left before fans can experience the exciting upgrades. Check out the "Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.4 "Soul Surrender trailer below:

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