Minecraft Snapshot 13w40a Now Available for Download

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jan 24, 2013 06:08 PM EST

More sneak peeks from Minecraft's fabled "Redstone Update," this one in the form of a snapshot.

As detailed by Mojang's Nathan Adams, the update is minimal in the number of updates, but presents fairly big ramifications. Check out the list below, with details!

* Added a fancy new Scoreboard system. - After so many users attempted their own versions, Mojang and company finally developed an official one. It's not completely finished yet but the Scoreboard can be programmed to track objectives for players to complete, so it should work well in PvP, or even RPG servers.
* Added some new functionality to dispensers - they can be used to light and shoot TNT, as well as auto-equip armor
* Taught dispensers and droppers about the 3rd dimension - they can now be set to face all 6 directions
* Scared mobs away from the dangerous minecart tracks - finally, your rides will no longer be interrupted by a wary zombie with no "survival" skills
* Various bug fixes
- Fixed a few block-update related issues
- Fixed some retracted pistons still having an extended arm
- Fixed flowing water still dragging flying players
- Fixed chests appearing open when they are actually closed
- Fixed achievements not surviving updates
- Fixed breeding cows and possibly other animals being able to consume more than one of the item used to breed the animals
- Fixed boats and minecarts dropping when broken in creative mode
- Fixed many armor enchantments not working on mobs
- Fixed certain new redstone output devices overwriting redstone wire signal strength with a lower signal strength
- Fixed the hopper always trying to fill the first slot first, causing it to ignore other items if the first slot can't be filled
- Fixed variable redstone strength causing strange update behavior
- Fixed certain blocks producing the wrong particle effects when ran on/punched/broken
- Fixed certain monostable Circuits only working in a North/South configuration when activated directly using a button
- Fixed doors not mirroring their texture when placed the other way round
- Fixed iron doors not updating properly when removing the redstone block powering them
- Fixed hopper minecarts falling out of the world crashing the game
- Fixed changing the texturepack ingame rendering stuff weirdly
- Fixed hopper minecarts' behavior regarding activator rails being backwards
- Fixed using Pick Block on TNT carts and hopper carts giving normal minecarts
- Fixed dispensers not spawning mobs with their name if the spawn egg has been renamed
- Fixed dispensers not placing hopper minecarts on rails

Players can download the snapshot from the links below, but remember, they can corrupt your existing worlds, so it's only recommended for experienced users.

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