‘Minecraft’ Boss Update Release Date, News & Update: New Upgrade Brings Boss Battles, Several Add-Ons, Input Options

By V Doctor , Updated Sep 26, 2016 02:59 PM EDT

The "Minecraft" Boss Update is set to launch in October 2016. Mojang recently provided some details about the new "Minecraft" Boss Update, which includes boss battles, new input options and add-ons, among others.

Phone Arena wrote that the "Minecraft" Boss Update was first introduced at E3 2016. It will arrive on the game's Pocket Edition on Android and iOS, Windows 10 Edition Beta and Gear VR Edition. According to Mojang, the new "Minecraft" update will feature the all-new boss battles. There will be adjustments to the Ocean Monument, Wither boss battle and Elder Guardian as well as new available items for exploring and building. The update will include the slash command, which lets "Minecraft" players modify the game via teleporting, summoning and more.

Mojang stated that the add-ons in the "Minecraft" Boss Update will have players experiment with various element and character remixes in-game. The text files can be edited to provide the adjustments accordingly. Players can also work with JSON to change appearance of mobs, models, textures and animals, while some of the exciting things to expect include pigs that explode and rideable chickens. With add-ons, gamers can also share the worlds that they can build with friends regardless of the time and place. Mojang intends to further develop the add-ons so that players can do more activities in the near future.

The add-ons were designed to allow "Minecraft" players to continue working on all versions. Anything that players build in "Minecraft" via the add-on approach should remain functional forever. A new Castle Siege example add-on and Alien Invasion add-on will soon be ready for downloading. The game developers said that add-ons are the first step in their plan to provide greater levels of customizations to all "Minecraft" editions, beginning with Windows 10 and Pocket Edition.

The "Minecraft" Boss Update also features new input options which will boost overall gameplay experience. Users can play with the Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth. There will be a separate update coming to support the Oculus Touch for VR players on Windows 10 Edition Beta. The "Minecraft" Boss Update should bring several improvement and tweaks when it arrives on Oct. 18, 2016.

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