'Street Fighter V' Latest News & Update: Capcom Issues Update Rollback to Remove Rootkit; Game Unhackable?

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 26, 2016 07:25 PM EDT

Capcom issues clear statement in new update that no player can cheat in "Street Fighter V" and amass game currency unfairly. However, gamers noticed that a rootkit was also sandwiched in the update so another rollback was made to correct the mistake.

Capcom said that they intentionally included the anti-hack features in the previous update to make "Street Fighter V" fair game. However, some gamers discovered a rootkit in the update pack and reminded the developer of risks contracting malware from other sources. Gamers suspect that this new update will create a backdoor access. Technically, this "Street Fighter V" rootkit can be taken advantage if hackers immerse malware in the process where it communicates with game server.

Adding into the negative publicity, several players on Steam that dubbed Capcom "Street Fighter V" as rootkit and malware altogether. Forums are also grinding the game with accusations of betraying gamers' trust and making them vulnerable to third-party hackers. Others who are not technically aware of what is happening simply expressed irritation over frequent User Account Control notices, iTech Post said.

On the positive side, Capcom admitted they are at fault and sent another set of update to rollback "Street Fighter V" into previous PC state, according to Slash Gear. In the official Capcom statement, the developer clarifies that only features are to remain in the rollback.

Elements like anti-crack and memory address hack are to be removed in order to assure gamer's privacy as they play  "Street Fighter V." Although, it states that the intention with Capcom's action was to bar users from hacking executable files with particular focus on game currency.

Now for the particular update in question, "Street Fighter V" rootkit scrubs Windows system32 folder. This ultra-delicate organizer is the handler of sensitive user information and main apps details. At any rate, it is understandable how Capcom drew gamers' irritation with this new antic.

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