‘FIFA 17’ Latest News & Update: Free Copy of ‘FIFA 17’ Given Away To Uber Passengers In Select Cities Worldwide; Is Yours On The List?

By V Doctor , Updated Sep 29, 2016 09:10 AM EDT

While almost everyone with a gaming console has been rambling out and about to get their hands of "FIFA 17," those from London and Manchester are getting it for free. It has been reported that Uber is giving its customers who live in London or Manchester copies of the game for free.

Digital Spy reports that the offer seems to be catch-free and last September 27, between 11am and 2pm, Uber gave away absolutely free copies of "FIFA 17" on Xbox One. This promo however, had limited availability and can be availed of on a first come first serve basis and of course, demand was high. Aside from free copies of "FIFA 17" some fans might get other games from EA Sports which include "Madden NFL 17" or "NHL 17" on Xbox One. Those who are even luckier might even get their chance to win a whole new Xbox One S console, if they were very lucky on that date.

Dexerto reports that the offer is no longer exclusive to those who live in London or Manchester, as it has been kicked to over 35 cities worldwide. What is even better than getting the game for free is that those who get this will get the game even before the game itself is released. This promo works simply and does not even require one to actually ride in an Uber, all that has to be done is to tap a button when it appears.

The listed cities include Amsterdam, Berlin, Bogota, Boston, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Chicago, Colombus, Copenhage, Dallas, Denver, Geneva, Guadelahara, Helsinki, Houston and Johannesburg. Also included in the list are the cities of London, Los Angeles, Lyon, Madrid, Machester, Marseille, Mexico, Miami and. Monterrey. Lastly, it also includes those of Munich, New York, Oslo, Paris, Philadelphia, Portland, Riyadh, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Vienna and Washinton DC.

A game such as "FIFA 17" would take a lot of effort to get right on its release date, and this gives it away for free. Whether one would be on his way home, or out for lunch or somewhere else, a copy of this new exciting game could await anyone lucky enough.

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