'Ray Donovan' Season 5 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Showrunner Hints Positive Ending? Terry's Illness Will Be Treated?

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Oct 03, 2016 09:24 AM EDT

It looks like the fixer of the Hollywood elites is bound to have a happy ending in the alleged final installment of "Ray Donovan" Season 5. In an interview with the showrunner David Hollander, the TV writer revealed that he is now thinking to end the show on a positive note.

'Ray Donovan' Season 5 Will End In A Positive Way?

"I'm beginning to seriously think of an endgame, I think it's essential," David Hollander told Hollywood Reporter. "We have to reach a point with Ray where we say goodbye to him, and the goodbye shouldn't be death," he cleared. He also added that "Ray Donovan" Season 5 will end in a way that fans already see what they want to see in the story and in the life of the protagonist played by Liv Schreiber.

The upcoming season would be all about bringing a conclusion to Ray Donovan's story and moving to new places. Aside from the fixer's known storyline, the truth about his character, condition, heart and head would also be featured. With that, fans can hope a positive and happy ending of "Ray Donovan" Season 5 with a different dynamic to his and his family's life.

Will Terry Donovan's Illness Will Be Treated In 'Ray Donovan' Season 5?

Meanwhile, GamenGuide reported that since this would be the show's swan song, aside from the happy ending, "Ray Donovan" Season 5 would feature dramatic and shocking revelations. Ray Donovan's family will continue to fight for their lives, but it looks like Abby Donovan (Paula Malcomson) is now free from the danger of her illness. Her doctors revealed that she no longer needs to undergo a double mastectomy as she is now cancer free.

The disease that hit Terry Donovan (Eddie Marsan), on the other hand, will be revealed in the coming "Ray Donovan" Season 5. His illness will be now treated, but it is not yet sure if he will be safe from death. Showtime has yet to announce the coming of "Ray Donovan" Season 5, but it is expected to be out in 2017.

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