'Sense8' Season 2 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Will Doona Bae Leave The Show? Casts Tease Return! Release Date Revealed?

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Oct 06, 2016 12:10 AM EDT

"Sense8" Season 2 is still in production in spite of the many rumors surrounding the show. In fact, the show's stars have been teasing their fans what in store for them. But, it looks like it will be the last time the Korean actress Doona Bae will be seen in the science fiction drama.

'Sense8' Season 2, Doona Bae's Final Stint?

According to MNR Daily, Doona Bae is going to return doing South Korean drama after filming "Sense8" Season 2. The 36-year-old star has been in a hiatus in making soap operas in their own land for six years now. If this, indeed, true, the photographer's absence in the next "Sense8" Season 3 will surely affect the show. Sun Bak's role in "Sense8" Season 2 plays an important role as underground kickboxer that fans will definitely miss.

Moreover, it has been said that Aml Ameen left his character as Capheus in the middle of filming "Sense8" Season 2 and will be replaced by Toby Onwumere. The role of "The Book of Dallas" actor is a responsible son that will do anything to save his mom, who has AIDS. Another addition coming in "Sense8" Season 2 is the Indian star Sikander Kher, although his exact role is not yet disclosed, there are reports that he will play as an antagonist.

Producer, Cast Tease The Return Of 'Sense8' Season 2, Release Date Revealed?

Meanwhile, GamenGuide recently reported that "Sense8" Season 2 stars are now excited to show their fans the series that they've worked hard for. Brian J. Smith, who plays Will Gorski, teased that the adventure the viewers will witness will last and be remembered for a lifetime. Jamie Clayton, who portrays Nomi, too, revealed that the strange feeling they feel while filming will be worth it.

The show's director Lana Wachowski even described "Sense8" Season 2 will certainly surprise its fans with every twist and turn of events and will make their minds blow. Alfonso Herrera also hinted that they will tackle a deeper story with a touch of thrill that will satisfy the fan's viewing. Netflix has yet to announce the return of "Sense8" Season 2, but according to its IMDb page, it will be revealed in December 2016.

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